backflow device inspection taking place


Backflow prevention devices require annual testing to ensure your staff and the general public are kept safe from possible water contamination. As a property owner or occupier with a backflow prevention device installed, you are required by your local water company to have a backflow device inspection periodically, mostly annually.

This backflow device inspection keeps people safe but also ensure your business is compliant with local water authority plumbing legislation.

What happens during a backflow device inspection?

When a Backflow Prevention specialist visits your property, they will check the condition of each part of the device, such as the rubber seals for example. It may be the case that one or more of these valve parts need repairing or replacing to ensure your backflow prevention device is still effective.

If any repairs or replacement parts are needed, the plumber doing the inspection will advise you of this.

To arrange a backflow device inspection with your local Backflow Prevention specialist, find and contact them here.