A crucial part of backflow prevention is the correct installation of the necessary equipment, including careful selection of the correct device for the location and use requirements.

What to consider during backflow installation

A backflow device needs to be installed in an accessible area with isolating valves to isolate the device testing and repair work in addition to an inline strainer, to reduce the chances of foreign materials entering the device and causing failure or premature wear.

backflow installation example

Backflow installation is more than just installing a device. There are many considerations required, some of which include: correct risk rating, pressure ratings, temperature ratings, brands of devices, the location of the device – just to name a few.


Risk is broken down into three categories: low, medium and high.  Evaluating the risk needs to be discussed between the client and the backflow technician. An example of a high-risk situation would be where water is mixed with chemicals in a washing or cleaning process of a factory.

Pressure Ratings

Pressure ratings are important as the manufacturer has a maximum working pressure of their devices. If you choose a device with a low-pressure rating and the working pressure required exceeds this devices limitation, the device will fail, causing damage to equipment.

Temperature Ratings

Most backflow devices only have a temperature rating of up to 60 degrees. There are a few manufacturers that provide backflow devices which can be used at higher temperatures. Having a backflow expert assess the requirements for your instance may prevent a device failure whereby a component is exposed to excessive heat above its tolerance level. An example of where this may require consideration during backflow installation is hot water lines.

Popular brands of backflow devices:


It important to choose the valve best suited to your requirements with back up and support in Australia for parts. At Backflow Prevention, we discuss and recommend the best valve for your business.

Location of the Backflow Device

The backflow device must be easily accessible for the backflow technician to test and repair the equipment (if required) on an annual basis. Some devices have drain ports and it is essential that these drain ports can drain freely without causing a nuisance or damage to nearby infrastructure.