backflow prevention devices example


Simply put, a backflow prevention device protects potable water supplies from contamination caused by backflow.

Any property that is connected to a mains water supply system is required to have their backflow risk assessed and the necessary compliance steps should be taken, to prevent pollution of the water supply to the general public.

The legislation for installing backflow prevention devices varies between Australian states. Generally speaking though, properties that are used for a commercial or industrial activity, or with machinery connected to the mains, will likely need to use backflow prevention devices. This also applies to those who have an irrigation system, fire hose reel or hydrants, an underground rainwater tank that has mains water backup, or water outlets close to potential pollution sources i.e. chemicals, grease traps etc.

Only an accredited backflow prevention plumber can install and test your backflow prevention devices.

Brands of backflow prevention devices

At Backflow Prevention, we have access to a variety of devices from differing manufacturers. Not all backflow prevention devices are the same, so as part of our service, we’ll assess and recommend the best type of device for your property.

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