Zurn has been manufactured for over 100 years, is globally manufactured and one of the largest range of engineered water solutions in the industry, including a wide range of sustainable plumbing products.  Zurn Australia has warehousing and distribution in most states and territories coupled with a long-standing history in customer service.

Model 975 (15mm) Reduced Pressure Zone device features:

  • Low life cycle costs
  • Designed to protect against both back pressure and back siphonage in potable water supplies
  • The model 975 has a reasonably high heat rating of temperatures up to 82 degrees Celsius.
  • Working pressures up to a maximum of 1200kPa
  • Bronze body
  • Easy accessible check valves for maintenance without the need to remove the relief valve
  • Complies with Australian watermark AS/NZS 2845.1

Model 375 (20mm-50mm sizes) Reduced Pressure Principal Assembly:

  • Easily removable EZSwap pressure vessel for easy maintenance and repair
  • Test cocks and shut off valves are installed at the top for greater convenience for testing
  • Can be utilised in drinkable water lines
  • Protects against back pressure and back siphonage
  • Can be used in high hazard rating locations
  • Maximum temperature rating of 82 degree Celsius
  • Working pressure limit of 1200kPa
  • Compact in design

Model 350 (20mm-50mm sizes) Double Check Valve Assembly

  • Easily removable EZSwap pressure vessel for easy maintenance and repair
  • Test cosks and shutoff valves located in the best position for testing
  • Removable EZSwap for cleaning and repair of the pressure vessel
  • Designed for drinking water and protects against backpressure and back siphonage
  • The 350 model is a medium hazard rating device
  • Working pressure of 1200kPA maximum
  • Compact design for easy repair and maintenance testing