The Febco head office is based in North Andover. Established in 1924, Febco originally manufactured backflow preventers, automatic sprinkler systems and flow control products.  The Febco brand is a worldwide recognised brand.

Febco offers a range of backflow devices including:

  • 825Y- Reduced Pressure Zone assembly
  • LF825Y- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly
  • 860- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly
  • 860U- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly
  • LF880V- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly

825Y- Reduced Pressure Zone assembly this valve is designed to protect against high hazard ratings suitable for chemical plants, hospitals and morgues. The device is Backflow prevention testable, compact in size and designed to work under mains pressure.  The device comes in a range of sizes from 20-50mm.

LF825Y- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is a lead free, bronze body device designed to protect against hazardous fluids in water supplies to industrial plants, morgues, chemical plants and hospitals.  They can also be dual used in irrigation circuits, water lines and other installation requiring maximum protection.  The device comes in sizes 20-50 mm.  The working pressure is 175psi.

860- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is a backflow prevention testable device, designed for high hazard applications to ensure the protection of drinking water supplies from dangerous cross connections.  Available in sizes 15-50mm.

860U- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly this Febco device is designed with union ended ball valves which allows the backflow prevention expert to remove and service the device without the requirement to turn off the main water supply or the device can be replaced with minimal down time due to its quick connection of its union ended ball valves.  The backflow prevention device is testable with a high hazard rating and a working pressure of 175 maximum psi.  The available are from 15-50mm.

LF880V- Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is designed for your larger hospitals and chemical plants with a high water usage protecting against high hazard facilities.  The device is fitted with test valves to ensure backflow prevention is maintained.  It features an epoxy coated ductile iron body.  Maximum pressure 175psi.  Available sizes 65-200mm.