Flomatic is distributed through RMC (Reliance Worldwide Australia). They offer a range of valves, backflow devices, mixing valves, non-return isolating valves, pressure control, temperature control, expansion control valves throughout the Australian market.

Reduced Pressure Zone Device:

Flomatic reduces pressure zone device from 15mm to 50mm are manufactured from a brass construction with a removable top cover for easy accessibility to the internal components.  The 65 to 200mm device is manufactured in ductile iron with flanges on each end for quick installation and easy removal for repair work.  These devices also come with a top removable cover plate.  This device is made of two individually spring loaded stem guided check valves.  They also have a hydraulically dependent pressure relief valve and is assembled with three test cocks at the top of the valve for easy testing.

  • Maximum working pressure is 1200kPa
  • Working temperature maximum is 82 degrees Celsius on the 15mm to 50mm valve)Working temperature maximum of 60 degrees Celsius on the 65mm to 200 mm range

Double Check Range:

The sizes range from 20mm to 200mm.