ValvCheQ is a large backflow company with over 1800 employees and offers a large range of valve actuator devices.  It has eighteen manufacturing plants certified to ISO 9001 with twenty one strategically located sales and distribution centres worldwide.


The ValvCheQ RPO3 valve protects both back-siphonage and backpressure of the potable water in high and medium hazard applications. Sizes vary from 15 -50 mm. Temperatures can be as low as 1 degree to 90 degrees with a maximum pressure of 1600 kpa. Designed with BSP threads, other alternative threads available.

ValvCheQ Features

  • Internal and external stainless steel bolting
  • Valves are bench tested and serially numbered
  • Taps anti-tamper tested
  • Components repairable and replaceable
  • Easy access to top entry parts
  • Up to 90degrees C approved for hot water
  • Able to be serviced with specialised tools
  • Compact design and lightweight
  • Safe fully restrained check valve
  • Internals have superior corrosion resistance
  • On-site serviceable
  • One seal kit suitable for six valves
  • Flow path straight through for efficiency
  • AS/NZS 2845.3 and other major international conformity
  • The unique ‘ring and tail’ connections replace conventional fittings
  • Safe restrained check valve assemblies
  • All internal parts are accessible through top entry point
  • Should only be used in horizontal installations
  • Release point to atmosphere
  • Assembly can be fitted with adequate security locking